Boston Surf Club

These young, twenty something, men were the inital inspiration for this project. They rent surf boards, and teach surfing lessons at Boston Beach. I was excited to witness them have a couple of people up in the surf on their first day surfing. As someone who grew up as a California kid, but didn't learn to surf until adulthood, by myself, the hard way, in very challenging surf, it warms my heart to see anyone having the pleasure of being up on a board as a beginner.

The young men of the Boston Surf Club, are not only a part of the Jamaican Surf team, (who knew Jamaica had a surf team?,) they are the beach guardians. They pick up the trash and leaves on the beach, providing that pristine look for both local and international tourists. They will also take you snorkeling, or even on a tour to Reach Falls. Watching their entrepreneurial spirit in action is what led me to the Think Globally, Act Globally global alliance, concept.

I don't expect anyone to choose to come to Jamaica to learn to surf. I do believe travellers who are already coming to Jamaica, and researching online, may choose to come to beautiful Boston Beach, where they can also learn to surf.

I want to make it easier for the young men of the Boston Surf Club to share their passions with more people, while self creating their own jobs. That is a feat worthy of recognition in Jamaican's economic climate. A Think Globally, Act Globally website will definitely assist them in marketing, and provide an easy point of contact for happy clients that may want to stay in touch.


The Portland Craft Village

The Portland Craft Village is a set of stalls with artisans, artists, and vendors selling their wares. Some of them are nationally recognized on the island for their skill, and have been called on to represent Jamaica abroad. There are also two restaurants in the village, a juice bar, and a regualar bar. The Craft Village is less than a year old, and has yet to receieve a serious marketing push by the government. Hence, even most Jamaicans don't know about it. It's a great place to go find a unique Jamaican gift, a simple tourist gift, or to get a bite to eat, and something to drink, while taking in a view of the bay.I am confident that a Think Globally, Act Globally website will increase traffic through the village.

The Boston Jerk Center

The Boston Jerk Center is known by Jamaicans to be the place with some of the best Jerk on the island. It is known for putting Jerk on the map. They don't pretend to be the creators of Jerk, however, they are the ones who started selling it first. The original purveyours of Jerk are reputed to have been related to the families of Maroons who had developed jerk in the Blue Mountains. The Maroons themselves were introduced to Jerk by the local indigenous Taino people who were also escaping contact from the Europeans. The process was modified significantly by them for their circumstances of cooking while at war. The center consists of several jerk stalls, a few bars, a fruit stand, a music shop, a jerk sauce seller, and the fresh fruit juice sellers. If you want a breath taking view to eat your meal from, it's a less than a 5 minute walk to Boston Beach. This ecclectic community offering deserves a Think Globally, Act Globally website to have their own voice on the internet to be heard by foodies internationally.

Polly's Place

Polly Mowforth is a native of St. Margaret's Bay. She left Jamaica at puberty for the UK when her family emigrated. She has since repatriated to Jamaica and the town of her childhood. She has a rustic cottage, and two sleeping rooms on the black sand beach just West of St. Margaret's Bay. For the adventurous, backpacking type traveler, that wants to meet and hang out with locals, she has ideal accomodations for life on the beach. She is the proprietor of a local bar that is also used for community events, like domino tournaments. Polly is a bright soul, with a big heart, who enjoys spending time with her guests personally. A Think Globally, Act Globally website for Polly would lead to increased exposure and bookings, and give travellers a more intimate and cost effective way of experiencing Jamaica.

Danny Culture

Danny Culture is an acoustic reggae artist. He claims to be the original visionary and introducing producer for the reggae video Reggae in the Ruff. It is a documentary about the acoustic reggae artists in the hills of Portland. He also says he received no credit or compensation from the American videographer who shot and sold the film. It wouldn't be the first time that a person of privielge has used that privilege to take full credit, and economic reward, for the creative work of others less privielged.

Fortunately, Danny is also a farmer. He grows native coconuts, plantain, grapefruit, lemon, soursop, and breadfruit in Portland near Reach Falls. He has five acres in this beautiful part of Portland Parish, and he would love to find eco-tourists interested in a working vacation that could help him develop the property into an eco-tourist vacation farm. People with skills in the trades, permaculture, marketing eco-tourism are highly sought by Danny to develop this vision with him.

I haven't heard the other side of the story about Reggae in the Ruff. However, based on Danny's version, and the fact that he is continuing to farm, I think Danny is the recipient who could most use a website to share his story and vision with the world. I am happy to support Jamaican's farming, because Jamaica has become so dependent on even food imports. I have no doubt that this is a significant part of the poverty problems faced by the country. A country that can feed itself will always be a healthier country with a better quality of life for those least well off in the soci-economic structure of the country. I'd love to see Danny turn his farm, with help, into an eco-tourist's haven where they can not only meet and work with locals, but eat food that they've helped to cultivate, or harvest.


Patron Visionaries and Visionaries

These are the members of our team whose commitment to Social Justice and assisting Rural Jamaican Entrepreneurs led them to take action to assist us in raising the funds to make our vision a reality. We are deeply indebted to them for creating the opportunity to make creating these websites a timely reality. Our Patron Visionaries, not only supported us, but made a contribution of generous proportions.

Ishmael Mc Intosh
Ishmael worked as a Software Engineer for a decade, which included work on early Interactive TV, and early SAAS (Software As A Service,) for digital service providers. After exploring other interests including assisting those in addiction recovery, and ballroom dance, he finds himself drawn back to tech in Jamaica. He has noticed in Jamaica that even a basic, informative website is far from the norm. As a Jalifornian, Jamaican raised in California, he is excited to be in Jamaica for a longer stay, and thrilled to have a chance to really get to know his homeland and its people.

Christina Antonick
Christina has worked as a facilitator, youth mentor, program coordinator and provincial trainer of youth violence prevention work in British Columbia, Canada for the past two decades. She is a passionate advocate for education that is dedicated to the cultivation of heart, soul and community. In Jamaica she has fallen in love with soursop, the turquoise ocean and the music that wafts through Boston Bay almost daily. She is excited to support the fusion of her husband's technical know how and the passion and talent of Portland Parish community!

We're raising $3,900 in our campaign. We have budgeted $500 per website for photos, video, domain name registration, hosting, design, and implementation. We're volunteering our time for training entrepreneurs on blogging and basic website maintenance. Our intention is that the sites incur no cost for the recipients for at least 5 years. For those who have done the math, we have to allocate over a third of the campaign funds for taxes, crowd funding processing fees, and pledge rewards.

Here's how you can help make this campaing a success. Share our URL, with your online communities, like Twitter, Facebook, and social justice interested mailing lists. Contribute to our Indiegogo campaign on Tuesday October 14th. Even a $5 donation will be greatly appreciated. We are excited to reach our goal through a large number of smaller donations so that we all experience how much the network of personal relationships can have impact anywhere in the world.

"It is only as we develop others that we permanently succed."
— Harvey S. Firestone

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